Competence centers

Competence centers

Competence centers are a dynamic environment where prominent experts join forces to support entrepreneurs and various stakeholder groups. Our mission is to create innovative solutions that benefit businesses, administrations and NGOs, while promoting knowledge in society.

Our offer is tailored to the needs of large, medium and small companies, local governments, non-governmental organizations, the media and the academic community of Wroclaw University of Economics.

This is a unique opportunity to put our scientific knowledge into practice for the benefit of your business and the effective operation of the university.

Competence centers offer various forms of cooperation, tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs:

  • Implementation of scientific research and development projects,
  • Preparation of analyses and opinions on request,
  • Partnering in projects to implement innovative ideas,
  • Creating and conducting training programs,
  • Organization of networking meetings that foster connections between scientists and entrepreneurs,
  • Popularization of science through accessible and interesting explanations of complex problems.

Cooperation with our centers is a great added value for entrepreneurs. Why?

  • Our teams of researchers are experienced experts who want to transform their knowledge into concrete practical solutions.
  • Experience working with partners outside the University makes our scientists excellent business advisors.
  • In addition, our centers specialize in different scientific fields, which allows us to find solutions to even the most complex problems.
  • Our offer is flexible and adapts to your individual needs.


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